Finally, after 9 month of designing, planning, building, some stress and much fun: KOHTA


Transportation from Aalto University in Espoo to Koria overnight. Excitement when the modules hang in the air.


The two modules and the third roof were loaded on a truck for their journey to Koria.


Great help is again recieved from the department of Civil Engineering. Simulations conducted by Hassan Ahmed & Mariia Martus provide

1:2 model

Parts of KOHTA are physically modelled in 1:2 scale. A large scale model is a good way to study the

Joint tests

A number of potential solutions exist for the joint between the post and the roof and the joint between the

Precise measurements

Another site visit, this time under the supervision of local railroad authorities. Topographical measurements were taken for the foundation plan.

Computer Numerical Control

KOHTA’s prefabricated walls consist of posts and spacers. In the curving walls, the notches for the spacers are located differently