The wood programs task for 2018 was to design a shelter for the train stop in Koria-Kouvola, Finland. As the building fair (Finnish: asuntomessut) 2019 took place in Koria, the city of Kouvola and the Finnish Infrastructure AgencyVäylä wished for a wooden shelter for that special event.
Wood as a traditional and sustainable Finnish building material should be (re-)used in a modern expression.
This edifice should not just give shelter, it is developed as an eye-catcher, a place to meet, wait and rest. The wood program class of 2018/19 designed, planned and eventually built the shelter at the Koria train station. 

The Finnish term “KOHTA” has two main meanings:

“soon, shortly”


spot, place, point

What could describe this spot, waiting for the train to arrive soon, better than the Finnish word: KOHTA!